Commercial Real Estate

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For over 30 years, the Law Office of Richard P. Sora has been advising and representing clients in virtually all aspects of commercial real estate. As a leader in the real estate field, Richard P. Sora has extensive experience handling transactions involving a wide variety of properties including office buildings, medical buildings, industrial properties, apartment buildings, commercial condominiums, and vacant lands. Richard P. Sora has particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Commercial real estate acquisitions and dispositions
  • Construction and property development
  • Tax-deferred exchanges (IRC Sec. 1031 Starker exchanges)
  • Private and institutional financing
  • Easement and license agreements
  • Ground leases
  • Formation of Series LLCs and other entities as ownership vehicles for commercial real estate
  • Condominium formation/conversion
  • Commercial leasing


In addition, as an attorney/agent with Chicago Title Insurance Company for over 20 years, Richard P. Sora has the expertise to resolve complex title clearance and title insurance issues efficiently. Selected by his peers as one of the top real estate lawyers in Illinois, you can rest assured that Richard P. Sora is highly qualified to handle your commercial real estate needs.