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    Business Law

    Business plan and contract documents

    Owning your own business can be extremely rewarding. Independence, diverse financial opportunities and creative freedom are just some of the benefits enjoyed by the self-employed. Unfortunately, owning your own business also exposes you to a wide variety of risks from customers, suppliers, partners, employees, competitors and creditors. Having the right lawyer by your side can help minimize or eliminate many of these risks. Whether you own your own business or are thinking of staring one, having the Law Office of Richard P. Sora on your side will be a valuable asset. Over the course of almost three decades, the Law Office of Richard P. Sora has acted as general counsel to a wide variety of businesses including:

    -          Manufacturers

    -          Distributors

    -          Retailers

    -          Consultants

    -          Restauranteurs

    -          Shopping centers

    -          Trucking and construction companies

    -          Physicians, dentists and other health care professionals

    -          Nursing homes


    With almost 30 years of experience representing and advising business owners, Richard P. Sora has acquired extensive experience in:

    -          Business entity formation (corporations, limited liability companies, general and limited partnerships)

    -          Business acquisitions, dispositions and mergers

    -          Joint ventures

    -          Contract review, negotiation and drafting

    -          Employment and independent contractor agreements

    -          Restrictive covenants

    -          Commercial leasing

    -          Commercial litigation

    -          Business and personal asset protection


    If you need assistance preparing a business strategy, are involved in a commercial dispute or simply need legal documents drafted or reviewed, call the Law Office of Richard P. Sora today for a free, no obligation initial consultation. You’ll be pleased to discover how valuable our experience and insight can be.